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So, how much would you pay for a domain name?

I was listening to Richard Curran on the Business on RTE Radio 1.

He did a very interesting piece with Daniel Mackney and Peter Coppinger who run Teamwork, a company with its headquarters in Cork that's all about effective organisation within businesses. Disney, Netflix and Paypal are among its customers.

They bought the domain name for a staggering $650,000.

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Why buy a premium .ie domain name.

People wonder why anyone would pay a premium price for a .ie domain name.

Let's consider the process for starting a new business. There's the research, the product, premises, staff, insurance, hardware, equipment, the list is exhaustive.

Each step carries a financial cost be it time or hard cash. Surely the domain name, your internet presence, is worth investing in the right one that your potential customers can identify with.

Here are some examples.

Setting up a bus company.

New buses can run up to €300K each. Insurance €5K per bus. 10 mpg on fuel at €5.80 a gallon (23.5 lt/ 100km @ €1.28 lt) It can get into serious money very quickly. Then you register a run of the mill domain name say Delaney Coaches because it's less that €20.

.com domains are non geographic. It could be my cousin Willie in Alabama.

Now by using one of our carefully selected premium .ie domain names Stage Coach you get a domain name that is specific to bus transport. Who hasn't heard of a stagecoach? There are no bus operators trading as Stagecoach so you get your brand as well.

Surely worth the investment!